Die 4. Klassen in Wien - Texte in Englisch

Dear Viktoria,

What a great idea that you want to come to Vienna. Vienna is a big city with a lot of attractions. First, you can stay at a hotel near the centre but I can‘t recommend the hotel in the Hirschengasse, because it isn’t hygienic and the food isn’t good.

In Vienna, public transport is very important so you can go everywhere without a car.


It’s very important to go to the St. Stephan’s Cathedral. When you go up you have a very good view, because it’s the highest cathedral in Austria. “Schönbrunn“ is also a beautiful place to visit



When you’re there you should go to the zoo and into the castle.I can recommend the “Haus des Meeres“, because there are a lot of different fish. When you want to go shopping you should go to the “Mariahilfer Straße“, because there are a lot of shops, but Vienna is very expensive. I can’t recommend the musical „Tanz der Vampire“, because it’s very boring but you can go to the cinema and watch a movie.




Dear Elena,

I have heard you want to go to Vienna next week. I was there last week. Vienna is a wonderful city with many tourist attractions. For example, the St.Stephen’s Cathedral, the museum “Time Travel“ and there are many other museums, too.

I can recommend to go to the St.Stephan’s Chathedral it is really impressive there and you can go upstairs to the top of the tower. One day we visited a huge museum, it was extremely interesting to hear so much information about the past. In the evening we went to the Ronacher and watched the musical “Tanz der Vampire“, the story was really exciting and the music was amazing. In the cinema we watched the film “Wunder“, the film was a little bit sad, but nice to watch.

We stayed at the hostel in the „Hirschengasse“, I can not recommend this hostel, because our rooms were not really hygienic and the food was not delicious.
It was a great week and a nice change and the weather was okay.